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Nail Your Next Interview With These Public Speaking Tips

Ask anyone about their greatest fears, and there is a good chance that public speaking will rank high on the list. In fact, as many as 75 percent of women suffer from speech anxiety and avoid speaking in front of groups. But, as anyone who has ever had a

8 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

1. Dress to Impress Whether you accept it or not, first impression is the last impression. The audience is going to judge you not only on the basis of how well you speak but also on how well dressed you are. Source: 2. Do your homework The difference

How to Handle Difficult Audiences

By Diane DiResta You’re prepared, polished, and ready to go. You step up to the podium and “bang, bang, bang” – you get shot down by a hostile audience. How do you keep your cool, and take back control? When I started out as a consultant, I remember landing

Why It’s Important To Effectively Use Humor in Every Speech You Give!

By Peter J. Fogel Yesterday on CSPAN I was watching retired elder statesman George McGovern speaking to college students about how the Bush Administration, (because of the Iraqi War) should make a concerted effort to mend fences with our allies. The talk was dry and monotonous and contained information