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Incredibly Motivational Mirror Reminds IKEA Customers That We’re All Beautiful.

If the Evil Queen from Snow White were to ask this mirror “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” she”d get a surprising answer. It would tell her that we all are the fairest, everyone is beautiful in their own way! A recent study

Morgan Freeman talks God, motivation and guacamole

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Morgan Freeman, the velvet-voiced doyen of some of America’s best-loved movies, not to mention one of the suavest actors in the business, sometimes lets his cool crown slip. The 79-year-old famously nodded off on camera during a sit-down with Seattle’s Fox affiliate KCPQ in 2013

High School Football Player Gives The Most Motivational Post Game Interview Ever.

Professional football players aren”t acting like role models these days. In fact, it feels like current NFL stars are setting the sport back a bit. That”s why it”s always refreshing to meet a young football player who wants to take the future of the sport in the right direction.

Speaking Of Being Awesome, There’s A Guy Leaving Motivational Post It Notes In Random Places.

Most of us look to our friends and family for words of encouragement when we”re feeling a bit down, but artist October Jones is out to give everyone the boost they need…whether they ask for it or not. Jones previously made his commute on the train more enjoyable with

Motivational Speakers That Just Might Be Frauds

wordpress So, first off, before we dive into the world of extremely loud “You Need Change!” and “Success is just perception!” and blah blah blah, lets talk about how successful some motivational speakers actually are. Are they the self-help gurus that they claim to be or do they just

Motivational Speaker Loses It When Rude Kids Talk During His Speech

A motivational speaker who has made tens of thousands of dollars giving speeches recently gave a free talk at a deprived school and, when the teens were chatting, he seriously put them in their place. Eric Thomas, the self-dubbed “Hip-Hop Preacher” who wants to make people “reach their highest

12 Hilarious Motivational Posters

Culture I recently received this email which contains some very funny motivational posters with a twist. While I have seen a few of them, many were new so I thought it would make a nice relaxed list for the weekend. So, here are twelve posters to motivate you in

Both Sides of the NSA Member Experience: The Seasoned Veteran versus the Rookie

By Jeff Cohen, featuring an interview with Don Gabor Two NSA members, one since 1991, the other a first-year attendee, sit adjacent at Fast Track and monthly NSA meetings. Despite differences in our experience, subject matter, and product lines, Don Gabor and I are witnessing the same speakers, networking

They’re Playing Our Song…

By Joanne Dennison, CMP For many people, comprehension of music licensing starts when sitting in a class, frequently a CMP study group. As they listen, some of the students begin to realize they have been inadvertently breaking the law. Inevitably someone looks up in surprise during this discussion and